That Ugly Sweater Party

Dated: December 16 2017

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I'm going to admit something. I have never been to an ugly Christmas sweater party. Nor have a I actually participated in an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Saturday that is going to change. We have friends who are die hards when it comes to 1) parties with friends 2) ugly sweaters. They have been planning for months and its been on my calendar since September. We even got a sitter for the kid. That's serious stuff. 

Here's the kicker: We have to MAKE said sweater. This is where I falter a bit. I can't just order it off Amazon Prime. I can't go to Macy's or Fred Meyer and pick one out. I actually have to make it. UGH. Mike, of course is already to go. Not me. I have some puff paint and glitter, but I have no idea what I'm going to do.

So I do what everyone does- Google. This is a super cute website that isn't just SWEATER ideas, but also sweater party ideas. Take a look!

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