Punxsutawney Phil Make Me Nervous

Dated: February 18 2016

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Punxsutawney Phil make me nervous.  

Dead serious. 

EVERY YEAR he sees his shadow, freaks out and goes into hiding for another 6 weeks. Up here in the Pacific Northwest that makes us crazy. Why you ask? Because it is dark, gloomy, and the sun doesn't shine for days or weeks. Trust me, it would make you crazy too.

However, this year was different. Phil DID NOT see his shadow. In fact he meandered around the spotlights for a bit and enjoyed the company of a zillion people taking in the tradition of Ground Hog Day. Just the thought that spring might be that much closer, warmed the bitterness of winter living in my heart.  You know what else it did? It caused sudden urges to Google and Pin things like "Backyard gardens" and "Spring Cleaning and Organizational Tips".

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This happens every year about this time. I get the itch. The itch to deep clean, drawers and closets. To empty out boxes of baby clothes (haven't had a baby in the house in ten years!) and rearrange furniture to better see out the windows. I even begin planning dates for garage sales. My energy goes up with the approach of spring, and sunshine along with this crazy notion to just clean my house from top to bottom. Floor boards to ceiling fan blades. 

My husband knows the look and goes one of two ways. Either "How can I help?" or "I'm just going to get out of the way"! 

Anyway, cleaning can be overwhelming and daunting for many people, but it's a stress reliever for for me! Here are a few things to get you going:

1) Get yourself organized. Make a list, set a time, pick a room, gather all your cleaning products, rags, vacuums, wipes and buckets.

2) Start small! Don't think you have to clean or organize the entire house in one day or even one weekend!

3) Find a great cleaning product to use. Some people love organic free from chemical cleaning supplies. Others don't care. Your home. You choose!

4) I like to start in the kitchen. When it's clean I feel like my life is just a little less chaotic. 

* Clean oven, stone, microwave and dishwasher

* Clean coffee maker, toaster, blender

* Clean out and clean the inside of refrigerator and freezer

* Wash kitchen cabinets inside and out, including the backsplash

*Discard expired food

* Scrub tile and grout, baseboards and kickboards

* Organize the tupperware (Just think, at one time there actually WERE matching lids and containers)

* Polish fixtures

I promise once you get going and see how much progress you can make in just a few hours you will feel like you can conquer anything this Spring!

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